“My experience of working with Dorothy has been that of a collaborative partnership. For me, working with Dorothy is always stimulating and a pleasure.”

Head of Integrated Talent Management


“In the workplace – organisationally – the coaching programme helped everyone, enriched staff and the team so that we are working better.”

Senior Consultant


“When Dorothy assessed me she was very perceptive about how well-matched I was to my target role.  Her personal interest made me feel like she was invested in my success.  I have enjoyed working with Dorothy and am confident she would add value and insight to any individual or team she works with.”

Vice President


“Dorothy is an authoritative and professional management consultant and executive coach.”

Executive Principal


“I’ve had some great results from coaching. I achieved all my early goals for coaching and I got the promotion I was looking for.  The big thing is that I no longer question my right to lead and I’m willing and comfortable to be the obvious point of authority.”

Head of IT Delivery


“You’ve helped me to make life-altering decisions with ease and confidence.”



“At work, my confidence has grown. I am more outspoken and willing to challenge the Board of Directors. I have made changes in the way I handle challenge in personal relationships.  I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously.”

Senior Consultant


“I’d thoroughly recommend Dorothy as an authentic, experienced and elegant coach.”

Coaching colleague and author


“I can wholeheartedly recommend Dorothy for her compassion, insight and unparalleled skill in focusing on what is essential.”

Private coaching client


“Sometimes, people need the help from someone who’s one step removed from the situation.  You provided that through our coaching – and that’s why I’m happy to recommend you to others who need help to step back and see the wood from the trees.”

Operations Director


“As a result of our work together, I’m much clearer than I was about the kind of culture that I want to work in.  I decided to move from a contracting role to a senior corporate role where I’m now adding value and feeling good about myself.  I’ve also taken a look at the leadership qualities I want to exhibit and am taking steps to develop in key areas.”

Vice President


“Top rate coach. Never falters from creating a space that gives you access to a way of thinking you had never even considered.”

Coaching colleague


“A 1:1 coaching program with set milestones was particularly motivational.  I wanted to show progress, so I tried a few new strategies between meetings.  When they worked well for me and the people around me, I was motivated to try further.  This is the way I achieved my three personal coaching objectives.”

Senior Manager


“I’ve seen such changes in and around me as a result of our work.  I am experiencing a richer, sweeter and more satisfying experience compared to previous exhaustion and harshness.

Last week, for example, I went with what was needed rather than being stuck on ‘maximum performance all of the time’.  I was delighted with the process and so was my client.”

Coaching client


“We haven’t met yet but I have read your contributions to group discussions and I have heard your voice on the conference call.  From each of these I have a sense of someone who is grounded, compassionate, passionate, thoughtful and wise. I find it easy to listen to what you say with an open mind and open heart, and to trust the place you’re speaking from.”



“Dorothy has a unique level of insight and empathy which allows her to interact in a most effective way.”

Director of Operations


“Coaching has been a process for evaluating and improving all aspects of my life in a fulfilling way.  I’ve especially learnt the power of talking to someone about any aspect of your life – it brings perspective. Because of this, I have no plan to end our coaching partnership”.

General Manager


“My meetings with Dorothy were life-changing meetings which helped me find perspective and direction.”

Private coaching client

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve and what my clients need to do to ensure their success, you might want to click on this link to learn more about how it works.

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