Does any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Do you recognise yourself or your organisation in any of the following scenarios?

  • “My specialist skills have provided the foundation for a great career.  Now I’m in a leadership role and I want to learn how to achieve results through others.  I know I need to supplement the technical skills I’ve drawn on so far with new skills and I’m ready to invest in order to develop my mastery as a leader.”
  • “We’re recruiting for a senior role and I want to hire with confidence.  We’ve done a good job of assessing for technical skills and of hiring people we like.  In addition, I want professional help to test for the emotional intelligence and behavioural skills needed to succeed in this critical senior role.”
  • “I took on this role to lead the company forward and I can see that I need to start by building my team.  I want to maximise my time and contribution, and I know that means helping my senior team to fulfil their leadership potential.  Team members need to develop new skills to step up to the next level of leadership, releasing me to do the job I’m meant to do.  This is an important investment in our organisation’s future and I’m ready to bring someone in who can help me.”
  • “I promoted one of my direct reports and I want to make sure they get the support they need to fulfil their leadership potential.  I’m looking for a coach or mentor who can help them to capitalise on their strengths and to develop the additional skills needed to get up to speed quickly and to succeed in the job”.
  • “As an organisation, we need to develop the right culture, climate and skills to meet the challenges we face today.  We need to identify the values and behaviours that will take us into the next phase of our development and to describe them in ways that everyone can understand.  I’d like to bring in expert help so that the behaviours we describe are the ones that will make a real difference to our current and future success.”
  • “We have a clear vision for our future and I want to make sure we have the leadership capability we need to deliver.  I can see people with potential to become strong leaders and I’m ready to invest in support for their development.  This is essential if we’re serious about delivering against our vision.”
  • “I’ve had a good run so far and I want to make sure that continues.  I want to plan my next steps in the context of a larger vision for my future and I also want support and accountability to make things happen.  I especially want to know that I’m planning a future which secures my own and my family’s well-being.”

If you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios, I’d like to hear from you.  But first, I invite you to find out more about those clients who gain most value from working with Learning for Life Consulting Ltd.

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