Celebrating my mother on her 80th birthday

My mother has resolutely resisted the computer age and won’t be reading my blog today or any other day.  And that’s OK.  Still, this won’t stop me celebrating her today, on her 80th birthday.

There are many words I could say and many things I could celebrate and still, words will not be enough.  How can you begin to do justice to eighty years of life and living in a single blog posting?

Maybe I should add, how can you begin to do justice to eighty years of supporting life and supporting others in their living, including the lives to which she herself gave birth?  For as well as giving birth to her own four children, Mum has supported the lives of many, from the children to whom she was House Mother at Beenham Lodge Children’s Home, to her own children, her sister (I especially remember Mum’s support to her sister after the birth of her first children, my twin cousins), her parents in their mature years, her husband (my father)… right through to the men and women she still cooks for at the Vintage Club in Woolhampton.  And that’s without taking in the many animals she cared for during her years of farming and the plants she tends in her garden and allotment.

And then there’s the question of how many wedding dresses she has made over the years, and wedding cakes, and birthday cakes and – well, the list would be long.  Only this week, she made a birthday cake (Mr Sneeze) for the fifth birthday of her grandson Joel.  Oh!  And how many concerts she organised for St. Peter’s Church, Woolhampton, before gracefully retiring just two years ago.

With so much more that could be said and knowing that no words could do her justice, I give you my mother, Stella Nesbit, on her 80th birthday.  Here she is at my cousin’s wedding just a couple of years ago:

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  1. What a darling she cared for me at Beenham lodge I was there from 1945 until 1958 I remember the day this young lady arrived I knew Andrew and Jack Nesbit before she arrived we children would be allowed on the farm to milk the cows and feed the chickens also having fun on the trailer and Andrew driving us around the fields miss warbis was her maiden name Andrew and Stella were very special to me in my young life.In 1962 i came and visited them both and as usual they welcomed me into their home.

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