Our services

Whatever issue you’re trying to address, you want to make your investment count.

Over the years, I’ve found that many organisations want to spend money on training or other interventions that just won’t get them where they want to go.  I want to work with you in ways which help you to achieve the outcomes you most desire – with ease.

At Learning for Life Consulting, we have a long history of providing bespoke coaching and consulting services.  I take time to understand your needs and to shape an approach which is tailored both to your needs and to your budget.  I describe some of the areas in which I can help you here on these pages.

Increasingly, I find a demand for “off the shelf” offerings which are designed to meet some of the needs we most commonly encounter.  You’ll find that these, too, are available here.  At the moment for example, I am recruiting for a small group coaching experience called Kick start your next career move.  Please follow the link to find out more.

Initially, you might want to get to know us.  You can sign up to my regular newsletter.  You can browse my blog.  I hope this will support you, whether or not you choose to work with me. 

Equally, when you want to address a specific issue, you can find out about the kind of services we offer here on these pages.  Services include:

1:1 and executive coaching

Developing coaching skills for leaders

Team and group coaching

(I am currently recruiting for Kick start your next career move).

Executive assessment

Developing your senior leadership team

Additional services

When you’re ready to talk, you can reach me via the Contact me page.