About me

Dorothy Nesbit, Learning for Life Consulting, consultant and coachFrom the beginning of my career, I have been fascinated by what it takes to be an outstanding leader.  After graduating (with an MA (Cantab) in Modern and Mediaeval Languages), I worked with the British Plastics Federation, the Industrial Society and the Hay Group before setting up Learning for Life Consulting in 2002.  These experiences helped me to deepen my understanding of leadership and to develop my own skills.

In addition, I found I have a lot of heart for the men and women who lead others.  In 2002, I discovered a gift for coaching;  I became a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach in 2004 and have also studied Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Marshall Rosenberg, and with Roger Schwarz, author of The Skilled Facilitator.

Clients tell me they value my rigour, intellect and my compassion.  I ask searching questions which help clients to reach new insights.  At the same time, I bring warmth and empathy which creates a safe space in which to explore.  Clients often highlight my sense of humour as something they enjoy in our work together.

Away from my work as Director of Learning for Life Consulting, I am enjoying midlife and navigating the rich questions it is bringing me; carving a vision for the future which allows for the possibility I may live another 40 or 50 years, whilst also being present to and enjoying life in the moment.

My interests are legion! As the years have gone by, I have increasingly discovered just how many things can bring a disproportionate joy, from spending time with loved ones, through growing my own vegetables to finding a beautiful piece of studio pottery in my local charity shop or auction house. Whilst I live in the City, I love being in nature. An avid reader (and writer), I can’t quite bring myself to abandon the feel and the smell of a book in favour of a small electronic device. My love of transforming a home in need of repair led me to set up a second company, Nesbit Property Ventures Ltd, in 2016. For more than thirty years, I have enjoyed performing alongside world class musicians as a member of the London Symphony Chorus.

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