Developing your senior leadership team

As the most senior leader in your organisation, the progress and performance of your organisation depends on you and still… you can’t do it alone.  If you want to improve performance across your organisation, you need the support of an effective senior leadership team.

It’s easily said… but not so easily done.  Maybe you’re struggling to untangle some legacy from the past so that you can start to drive forward with clear purpose and direction. Perhaps you lack the right skills in your team or the right processes and structure to support team members. You might even be wondering – secretly – how such senior people can be so poor at communicating with each other.  After all, you need to know that team members – however talented – can work together to make things happen.

You know it takes time and still, you need to see results as soon as you can.

At Learning for Life Consulting, we work with you to find out what’s working in your senior leadership team and what needs to work better.  We will share our own perceptions with you as well as seeking to understand yours.  Together, we will prioritise areas in which action is needed and identify and plan for your next steps.  Our approach works because we can draw on a broad range of approaches to provide help where it’s needed.  It also works because we help you to identify quick wins and to make progress in the near term, whilst also recognising that developing a high performing senior leadership team takes time.

What’s included?  An initial diagnostic will be tailored to meet your needs and your budget and includes:

  • Reviewing written information  (e.g. mission, purpose and values, organisational structure and job descriptions);
  • Conducting interviews (e.g. with members of your top team and those who report to them);
  • Preparing and presenting summary findings and recommendations;
  • Working with you to prioritise areas for action and to agree next steps.

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Equally, if you’re ready to talk, please contact me to arrange to meet.