Executive assessment

When you recruit someone who’s well suited to a job, they deliver the outcomes you need with ease whilst also feeling fulfilled.

In practice, though, finding the right person takes time, energy and money with no guarantee of success.  Worst of all, some candidates look good throughout the recruitment process and still fail to fulfil your needs.  You may have experienced the challenges of taking on the wrong candidate, including poor performance on the job, time and energy tied up in seeking to address the situation, and the costs of recruiting a successor who can clean up the mess.

At Learning for Life Consulting, we can support you by assessing the emotional intelligence and behavioural capability of short-listed candidates on your behalf.  Our approach works because we target the behaviours leaders need to succeed based on years of research and practical experience.  We help you to recruit successfully and to provide effective developmental support.  What’s more, this approach helps to build your organisational talent pool and sends a powerful signal to candidates about your organisation’s professionalism and commitment to success.

What’s included?  A typical assessment comprises:

  • An initial consultation to clarify the context and requirements of the job and to identify core behaviours candidates need in order to succeed;
  • An assessment of individual candidates’ readiness for promotion or suitability for your target role, using a competency-based interview and psychometric tests;
  • Preparation of a full report for each short-listed candidate followed by a debrief call or meeting to support you, as hiring manager, in your decision-making;
  • A coaching consultation with all candidates to help them understand the findings of the assessment and to plan their development and next steps.

(Sometimes, a natural next step is to provide coaching for candidates to help them successfully transition into new role or address key developmental challenges.  Follow the link to learn about our 1:1 and executive coaching offering).

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Equally, if you’re ready to talk, please contact me to arrange to meet.