Team and group coaching

If you’re leading a team or a group of professionals (e.g. sales people, leaders or your “high potential” staff) you want them to give of their best.  There are times, though, when you can see they need help and you’re struggling to make time.  Or perhaps you know that yet another training course just isn’t the answer.

Maybe you feel frustrated by the communication amongst members of your team or you recognise they face a new level of challenge;  you know they need help to reach the next level of performance.  Maybe you’ve given training to your new leaders, sales team or some other group of professionals and you want to make sure the training “sticks”.  You’re looking for a way forward which is just as effective as executive coaching – at rates you can afford.

At Learning for Life Consulting, we believe organisations radically underestimate the potential of coaching people in their work-team or professional group.  Our approach works because it leverages the combined power of coaching and of shared (some call it “action”) learning to help teams or groups to make progress in areas that are most pressing.  Individuals learn and improved individual performances combine to create a more effective team or professional cohort.  What’s more, relationships deepen and collaboration improves.  Whole teams or groups develop a culture of ongoing learning. 

Coaching takes place face to face, by phone or conference call and a typical assignment includes:

  • Holding an initial discussion without obligation to understand your needs and, together, to decide whether team or group coaching is the right approach for you;
  • Designing an approach which meets the practical needs of the group, including frequency, duration and means of communication;
  • Laying foundations for coaching, including agreeing clear goals for coaching and how we will work together.  This includes establishing a clear agreement amongst key stakeholders – between you and your target group, for example, and amongst group members;
  • A schedule of regular coaching meetings or conference calls in which we work with group members in coaching partnership to support their progress towards clear goals;
  • A final “completion” session to celebrate group members’ progress and to lay foundations for their ongoing progress.

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Equally, if you’re ready to talk, please contact me to arrange to meet.