Developing coaching skills for leaders

As a senior leader in your organisation it can be a real struggle to get the support you need from those you’re leading.

Maybe you can see the potential across the organisation but you don’t know how to help staff to grow and develop.  Maybe you’re looking across the whole of your organisation and seeing how demoralised people are.

Either way, you know that your ability to achieve results with ease depends on successfully engaging the potential of all your staff.

At Learning for Life Consulting, we love to coach – and I mean love to coach.  Sometimes, though, it’s your leaders who need to do the coaching.  Helping your leaders to develop their coaching skills and helping you to develop a coaching culture across your organisation is also something we love to do.

Whilst the details may vary, a typical programme includes the following steps:

  • Initially, I meet with you to understand the context for your request, the aims you have for working together and how these aims support the overall aims of your organisation.  We will also identify key measures of success and ways to measure progress;
  • If you are happy in principle, we’ll work together to shape a way to meet your aspirations.  The scope and duration of our work together will vary from developing the coaching skills of leaders  to building a coaching culture and skills across your organisation.  The outcomes from this meeting will form the basis for our proposal;
  • Planning includes identifying key stakeholders across your organisation, including those who need to provide financial or practical sponsorship, those who will participate in the programme and those who might benefit from it.  I work with you to plan how to communicate effectively and to put in place processes for engaging stakeholders and managing the programme;
  • Then we roll out the programme, working with you to monitor the effectiveness and impact of our work together.  At times, this will help us to make adjustments to improve the effectiveness of the programme.  In time, we hope to celebrate with you the connections between your investment in coaching and improvements in staff engagement and bottom-line results.

Want to know more?  Here are some postings from my blog written to help you understand our approach to developing coaching across your organisation:

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Equally, if you’re ready to talk, please contact me to arrange to meet.