Additional services

You know that leaders in your organisation have a significant impact on the experience of your employees and that this, in turn, contributes to bottom-line performance. Developing the capabilities of your leaders is part of working towards key performance outcomes.

Sometimes, though, there are signs that you lack the leadership bench strength you need.  Maybe you know you have a problem because your employee engagement scores are low or your share price is dropping.  Perhaps you can see gaps in the essential leadership skills of leaders or you fear you’ll be vulnerable in future unless you begin actively to develop the next generation of leaders.  You know that effective action requires more than reaching for the nearest training brochure.

I set up Learning for Life Consulting because I love to help leaders to take the hard work out of achieving results.  In addition to the services outlined on these pages, I’m delighted to respond to your need for bespoke services to deal with the specific challenges you face.  I come to this challenge with confidence because, as well as being able to draw on my own extensive experience, I can also draw on a network of trusted fellow professionals to deliver the specific help you need.

As well as the services outlined on these pages, I’ve helped organisations to:

  • Clarify the job requirements of individual leaders or of leaders across their organisation;
  • Understand what differentiates their most effective leaders and use this as a basis for developing a model (“competency model”) of effective leadership;
  • Make decisions about their aspirations, including core values for the organisation;
  • Assess the leadership capability of a whole team as the basis for planning just how to support leaders in their development;
  • Plan and deliver effective developmental support for leaders in a number of areas;
  • Develop and deliver support for high potential leaders.

Want to know more?  Here are some postings from my blog written to help you understand our approach to leadership development:

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Equally, if you’re ready to talk, please contact me to arrange to meet.