Coaching group: kick start your next career move

Are you so busy trying to deliver in your current role that you’re finding it hard to open up a next career move that is deeply fulfilling for you?

Next group due to start in the Autumn, 2015

Four spaces available

When you’re ready for your next job, you’re really ready.  At the same time, achieving a promotion or finding your next job doesn’t always come as quickly as you want it to.

Already, you’re in a responsible and demanding job.  It’s hard to balance delivering in your current role with taking time out to reflect on your own next steps.  It’s harder still to find time to seek out, apply for and secure the right job.

What’s more, you’re past the stage where you are happy to take on the next challenge and to soak up all the learning.  You want to work to your strengths and to find a job that meets your needs.  It’s not easy.  You know you need to understand your strengths and to describe them in ways that stand out and this, too, takes time.

If you didn’t know it already, you’re also discvering that being good at your current job isn’t enough to secure your next one.  Increasingly, it’s down to you to make things happen.

If you’re feeling dispirited with your job search or simply want to work out what to do next, you don’t have to be alone.

I’ve helped clients like:

  • Glenn, a senior manager, who was struggling to balance his loyalty to his long-standing employer with his desire to open up new opportunities;
  • Eddie, a senior manager, who was looking for promotion to his next leadership role;
  • Celestine, working full-time in an interim role in a culture that left her feeling deeply uncomfortable.

Getting the right help can make a huge difference.  You don’t need to be alone in securing your next career opportunity.

So what happened to Glenn, Eddie and Celestine?

 Glenn quickly realised it was time to move on.  As well as securing the perfect role with a new organisation, he was able to maintain his relationships with people he cared for in the organisation he was leaving behind. Eddie secured his promotion to a more senior leadership role.  What’s more, he came away more aware both of his own needs and of the strengths he had to offer his company. Celestine got much clearer about the kind of organisational culture she wanted to work in.  She left her interim role and moved into a senior corporate role where she could add real value and was feeling really good about herself.

I invite you to learn what you need to learn to start opening up your next career move and working to your true strengths.  I’ve been helping men and women work to their strengths for over twenty years.  In thirteen years as director of my own business I’ve helped clients to bring more of who they are to play in their careers whilst also achieving great results for their organisations.


Kick start your next career move

Six months to focus your search, to create a killer CV and to take your first steps towards opening up the perfect job opportunity

When you’re busy trying to deliver in today’s job whilst also seeking your next career move, a huge piece of the heaviness comes from the pressure you put on yourself to make a move now whilst also struggling to make time to do anything about it.  It’s easy to jump straight into making job applications but first, you need to get a few things in place.

When you want to make your next career move, three things consistently help people to open up the right opportunity:

  • Having clear insight into the strengths you have that you want to use in your next job and being able to describe them clearly and simply to others;
  • Knowing what kind of job you want to do in order to use your strengths and to make a contribution that you and your employing organisation will value;
  • Having a way of presenting yourself in a CV, job application or to your current colleagues that makes you stand out from the crowd. When you can present yourself, without hype or embroidery, and still catch the attention of the people who really matter, you’re well on the way to finding the right opportunity for you.

If you have these three things in place, then you have built firm foundations for opening up a career move that’s just right for you.  I’ve seen too many people spend a lot of time applying for jobs before they know what job would really meet their needs.  And because their applications lack clarity and conviction, they struggle to make a short-list and end up feeling frustrated, dispirited and full of doubt, fearing rejection at every turn.

How would it be to feel confident, clear and grounded going into a conversation with a potential employer or with someone in your existing organisation who has the power to back a promotion?  How would it be to approach applications as a mutual exploration, in which you and your potential employer are simply trying to find out to what extent there is a good match for you both?

Then, with the clarity you have built around what you want and what you can bring, you can target your search to be more effective and feel as good about the “nos” as you do about the “yeses”.

Steve MattusDorothy, I’m thrilled to see you stepping out, waving your flag and offering the gift of your craft to the public.  You have made a huge, positive impact on my life, in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances.

You’ve helped me get crystal clear regarding what’s really going on in my heart and mind so I could make life-altering decisions with ease and confidence.  You help me notice the subtleties in my experience, and teach me how to relate to them so I can resolve blocks and eliminate what’s keeping me stuck.  All the while, you’re helping me make sure I’m taking care of me, my heart and soul.  This allows me to show up in my life, work and with family with deep integrity and authenticity, making life flow with much greater ease.

Thank you for helping me release my struggle, and replace it with joy.

Steve Mattus
Director of Education
Heart of Business

Who is this coaching group for?

This coaching group is ideal for people in leadership or professional roles who are seeking their next promotion or career move.  If you’re planning your next career move, you need to get clear about what you want and how you can make your next move happen.  If this is you, then the skills you’ll acquire and the heart- and mind-set you’ll learn as a member of this group are exactly what you need in order to lay firm foundations for a successful search.

Who else?  If you’ve already been trying, unsuccessfully, for a promotion or new job you may be starting to doubt yourself.  You’re not sure if you’re aiming too high or perhaps you fear that you lack the skills you need to sell yourself to your current or a potential employer.  You know you need to step back, to “reality check” your aspirations and to learn to prepare a CV and job applications that really do you justice.

CarrieWhen I first started working with you, I was working flat out and trying to make myself available to everyone – clients, team members and others – all the time.  Paradoxically, the more I tried to make myself available to people, the more I was starting to resent people for stealing my time.  Also, I was riding the roller-coaster of other people’s emotions.  A client would be unhappy (or just express something in a way that brought us all down) and I would dive down.  A project would go well and the world was a sunny happy place.  I was feeling exhausted and I knew the approach I was taking wasn’t sustainable. The work we did together had a massive impact on me at the time.  I learnt to coach members of my team and this meant that they were able to fulfil their potential more fully and I could delegate to them.  My role changed quite quickly.  I went from being key to the provision of services to take on a leadership role and, quite quickly, to become CEO.  This opened up opportunities to do other things, such as lecturing for the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and founding 50th Generation, an incubator for meaningful, growing businesses. It’s easy to say that, as a result of our work together (and other learning with other learning partners), I became a different person.  I think it’s more truthful, though, to say that our work together helped me to become a more effective, fun and joyful version of myself.

Carrie Bedingfield
Entrepreneur, business grower, investor, communications specialist, guest lecturer

Taking a stand for a career that you really enjoy

Learning can only happen in a very specific “learning zone”.  If you are pushed too hard and too fast, the discomfort, newness and lack of integration time means you risk going into overwhelm, where nothing sticks, and you come out on the other side with more fear than learning to add to the fears you already have about making your next move.  Not good.

However, if you stay too safe and comfortable, then you don’t learn anything new.  You stagnate, and nothing changes for you or your career.  Also, taking a long time to make your next career move means that the frustration you feel in your current role or the doubt that’s beginning to creep in about your ability to pull off your next career move both begin to grow.

After more than twenty years and working with literally thousands of clients, I at Learning for Life Consulting know how to push you just enough, whilst also giving you the emotional support (that means love, care and more love) to feel safe, cared for and nourished.  That means you stay in your learning zone and see real changes in your approach to your career.

I’ve put together a group coaching experience based on elements I’ve provided to literally thousands of leaders and professionals over the years.  It’s simple and it provides you with a balance of emotional and practical support.

I struggled, too

Dorothy Nesbit, Learning for Life Consulting, consultant and coachEarly in my career, I struggled to find direction.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted and I doubted my skills.

With the help of a coach, I identified my interest in leadership, and started to look for jobs in which I could take my interest further.  My coach helped me to put together a compelling CV.  She also helped me to keep faith with my dream when I didn’t make interview and when my early applications were met with a no.

Later in my career, it was clear to me that my peers were gaining promotion more quickly than I was.  It took the help of a psychometric test for me to realise how little I liked to “blow my own trumpet”.  This helped me to understand that promotion wasn’t simply a function of ability or of working effectively.  It also required a clear intention on my part and practical action.

I share this with you because whether you’re just starting to think about your next career move or actively looking and struggling to find the right role, your progress can be hampered by all sorts of beliefs, assumptions, oversights and fears.  This is not how you want it to be.

At key times in my career, seeking professional help has supported me in making progress towards carving a life and career I can really enjoy.

You don’t have to struggle, alone, to make your next career move happen.

Jo VigorIn my own coaching the biggest goal was to take stock and give me confidence and I give this a big tick. In addition, we took time to reflect on where I am now and where I might be going next.  Coaching has changed how I see myself for the future – I have an expanded view of what’s possible for me and I have been “trying it on for size”. Personally, I appreciated Dorothy’s style.  On the one hand, her professional management of our coaching was good – she contracted well so that I knew what I was signing up for, she was prompt and well organised and the homeworks she gave me were good.  On the other hand, she was able to engage both as my work coach and with me as a person.  Within three minutes of meeting me she had asked the searching questions. She was able to work with my style – she let me let off steam and then we would explore.  In short, it was like having an “adult parent” – going back to see your Mum but having a confidential adult conversation.Coaching? My personal experience was so good I’d like to carry on.

Jo Vigor

Like Jo, you can expand your view of what’s possible for you based on a deeper understanding of who you are and what strengths you bring.  Individuals and organisations come to me because of the way I balance humour, compassion and insight to create an approach that is both highly professional and deeply human.

Seven powerful elements in one coaching programme

In practice, I’ll be asking you, as a member of the group, what you want from each session.  You will determine the ground we cover during our eight sessions together.

Still, there are things that tend to show up in a programme like this.  Some of them are about content – the ground we’ll cover together.  Some of them are about process – how we’ll work together to support your learning and progress.  They are:

  1. Creating clear goals for your next career move

Your next career move is part of a much larger picture.  It reflects your aspirations for your work.  It’s also an important component of your life as a whole.  When you understand why you want to make your next career move and with what impact on your life and career, then you seek out a promotion, new job or other opportunity that is tailor made to meet your needs.

Because of this, we’ll start the programme by taking a look at your aspirations for your next job.  We’ll do this alongside taking stock of your life as a whole.  We’ll do this with a light touch and still, we’ll do it.  You’ll come away from this knowing what you want from your work, what’s working in your life and career and what changes will make the biggest difference in your life right now.

Doing this provides a clear context for your next career move and helps you to understand how your next job fits in with, and contributes to, other things in your life that are important to you.

Graham ParrisWhen I started working with you I didn’t expect to be changing jobs immediately. Even so, you challenged me to look at what I really wanted in my life and career so that when I then needed to look for a new job I had already started to develop a different perspective on what I wanted and I had begun to imagine what it might feel and look like when I’d got there.Coaching has been the most personal developmental opportunity I’ve ever had – intensely personal.  For me, it’s been an opportunity to find and try out new approaches to things I’ve done all my life and an opportunity to identify and address areas where I’m holding myself back.  So coaching has been timely for me with the biggest outcome being that I’ve given myself permission to think about things differently if I want to.As my coach, you supported me in working from the assumption that I have the answers within me and that has worked well for me.  You set the scene well at the beginning of our work together and you challenged me in ways which have left me more empowered.  As well as paying attention to the coaching process – showing up on time, helping me to set goals, checking in with me etc. – you brought immense coaching skills.  I also enjoyed the way you wrote blog postings as a way of offering more content when it was helpful.

Graham Parris
Head of Pricing Transformation

  1. Understanding your strengths – and their value to others

If you’re unclear about your strengths and preferences, you’re not alone.  Often, we overlook them precisely because they come so easily and naturally to us.  Maybe we learnt, way back, not to brag or boast.  Being aware of your strengths and your values is an important step in understanding what to look for in your next career move.

Your strengths are also an important underpin to success.  Over the years, I’ve found that focusing constantly on what people need to learn can leave them wondering if they have what they need to succeed.  So, we’ll be working from the assumption that you have strengths and that your ideal career move is one in which you can leverage your strengths to enjoy your role and to make a real difference to your employer.

I’ll be inviting you to reflect on your strengths and especially on those things you do easily and joyfully.  I’ll invite you to gather feedback from others so that you understand, more deeply than ever before, what you bring that others value.  We’ll also use the Hogan suite of psychometric tests to support you in developing greater self-awareness.

The Hogan suite of psychometric tests will help you to understand your values and preferences, so that you can approach your next career move knowing what’s really important to you at work.  You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of your strengths and also of any areas of behaviour that might trip you up or “derail” you.  (And because some organisations use the Hogan suite of psychometric tests to assess people for the most senior leadership roles, doing these tests will give you the added bonus of a “heads up” on how future employers might see you.)

You will complete the tests in your own time and we’ll look at them together in the group.  In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to arrange a 1:1 consultation with me to go through your own feedback.  Together, we’ll use all the information we can lay our hands on to build a picture of your strengths and how they combine to make a positive difference in your work.

  1. Designing your perfect job

One reason why people get frustrated in their job search is because they look at what jobs are available and they don’t see what they want.  Worse still, sometimes, they don’t know what they want so they don’t know where to look and end up flitting between options like a butterfly in search of nectar they don’t find.  The truth is, you don’t need to wait until you see your perfect job advertised to know what it is.

There’s more.  Sometimes, people are guided in their search by ideas that deserve close scrutiny but which go undetected.  They look for a job that will prove they’re okay.  (They are okay, with or without the right job.)  They find it hard to free themselves from family expectations or from a view of themselves which is, quite simply, way out of date.  These and other thoughts keep them from understanding what they really want.

Creating clear goals for your next career move will help you to view your job search in the wider context of your life and career.  We’ll be seeking to understand what you want from your perfect job so that you can target your search.  I’ll help you to think about what’s important to you about your next career move – and what’s not.  Understanding your strengths, and their value to others, will also bring you closer to understanding the kind of roles you can thrive and excel in.

There’s something far more importantly than this.  In addition, I’ll be there, along with members of the group, as a mirror to any beliefs that limit you or guide you towards roles to which you’re ill-suited or roles which you can do – but without joy.  I’ll be bringing an objective understanding of what people need to thrive in a job based on more than twenty years of research and of assessing people for senior leadership roles.  I’ll also be bringing the coaches’ instincts and intuitions together with the compassion to say it like it is – with love and care for whatever’s right for you.

As a result of your explorations, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the kind of role you really want to do.  If you want to, you can capture your insights in a job description or checklist to help you assess opportunities you are thinking of applying for.

  1. Preparing a killer CV

Throughout my career, I have been surprised at the low quality of many CVs.  A few months ago, I even wrote a blog post on the subject.  I called it Stop writing rubbish CVs!

Many good candidates are overlooked because their CVs and their job applications fail to tell the story of who they are in a way that is compelling for the reader.  A good CV won’t get you the job but it will open up opportunities for you to meet with potential employers.  The best CVs are crafted precisely to catch the attention of people who are looking for someone like you to fill the kind of job you most want to do.

You can’t write a good CV without, first doing your homework.  You need to understand what you want from your next career move and what strengths you bring.  This process helps you get clear in your own mind about what you want and what makes you a great candidate for your next job.

Writing a good CV also makes it easy for your perfect employer to shortlist you for interview.  As soon as you’re ready, I’ll help you to prepare a CV that is compelling for the reader and makes it more likely that you’ll be invited for interview.  You’ll also start to test it by using it to prepare job applications.

  1. Practical support to take your first steps

In six months, you may or may not get your longed-for promotion or find your new job.  Still, you want to know that you’ll leave our work together with confidence and having taken your first steps.

The clearer you are about what you’re looking for and what you have to offer, the easier it is to take steps to find it.  We’ll be talking about where to look in order to find your perfect job and how to open up opportunities that aren’t being advertised.  That way, you can start to identify opportunities as they come up and take steps to open up new opportunities.

Even when you’ve crafted a CV you’re happy with, you still need to be able to present it in ways that make you stand out from the crowd.  You may need to write covering letters or file job applications in a format dictated by a potential employer.  You may even want to contact an organisation you’d like to work for to let them know of your interest or seek further information.  Then, too, you’ll need to prepare for interviews.

At each step in our group coaching programme, you’ll be able to bring the questions that are timely for you to our sessions and receive the support you need.

  1. A safe container of coaching and feedback

As much as you want to secure your next career move, it takes time to do the things you need to do and some of the tasks involved can be positively dreary.  And then there are the emotional ups and downs you experience along the way.  What’s more, on your own it can be difficult to know what to do next – and how.  You need answers to practical questions as well as emotional support.

Our group coaching sessions are at the heart of our work together.  We’ll meet eight times over six months to help you to lay firm foundations for your job search or promotion campaign.  You’ll receive personal coaching in the group.  You’ll also have the opportunity for a 1:1 session with me to explore your feedback from the Hogan suite of psychometric tests.  Along the way, you’ll get answers to your questions as well as emotional support.  Plus, you’ll have homework to do and the opportunity for feedback to help you to accelerate your progress.

There’s one more thing in particular that I want to offer you as participants in the first group I am offering.  It’s not costed in because I don’t know how much time it will take.  Throughout the programme I will be available for “laser coaching” – up to thirty minutes coaching whenever you need it between sessions.  Want feedback on a job application?  I’ll give it.  Want to prepare for an interview?  I’ll help you.  Usually, I’m free on Monday afternoons for this kind of call but I also recognise that, sometimes, you may need help, well, when you need help…  Let’s find out how much help you need so that I can cost this in next time I run the programme.

Group coaching, feedback from your psychometrics, short “laser coaching”…  together, these elements support deep learning, growing self-awareness and clarity of thinking whilst also helping you to take practical actions to translate new insights into an effective job search or promotion campaign.  What’s more, you’ll receive heartfelt and insightful support, feedback and coaching, making this a powerful, effective way to learn what you need to learn in order to target your job search and tailor your approach to open up a career opportunity that works for you.

As a coach and colleague Dorothy brings enormous warmth and playful vitality, alongside a masterful use of the penetrating question.  Her own deep commitment to creating the life she wants inspires you to keep your promises and take leaps towards your own dreams.Dorothy’s combination of warmth, vitality, and insightfulness make her a powerful coaching presence.  As a coach and colleague she inspires you to continually take steps to be the best you can be.

Dr Rosie Miller

International Business Coach


  1. Ongoing community and peer support

All this, and the support of fellow members of your group!

Opening up your next career move can be lonely, and it can be hard to be accountable to yourself to get things done when your current job is so demanding.

As well as reporting back during our coaching sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to share progress and to ask for help between sessions using a private online group set up for our group.  I’ll be available to answer questions in the group and, occasionally, to put questions to you to help you deepen your thinking and insight.

Some of the most difficult exercises are made easier and more effective when done with a partner.  For this reason, if you want, I will help you to work effectively in pairs in between sessions.  You’ll learn from your colleagues as they, too, find their way forward.

It’s easy to understate the value to group participants that comes from working together and supporting each other during the programme and after the programme has finished.

MariettaI met with Dorothy at a time when I was wondering about taking a sabbatical.  I was concerned that time out would ‘damage my career’. After only one consultation, I had clarified my needs, and planned a course of action.  Six months on, I had not only had a wonderfully enriching sabbatical, but the type of work coming through following my sabbatical was more fulfilling.Four years later, I’m still benefitting from the time we spent together.  I now find it easier to give myself permission to actualise what life is asking me to dare to do.  I’m taking more risks.  And I have more faith that what I need (e.g. money) will come to me.I can wholeheartedly recommend Dorothy for her compassion, insight and unparalleled skill in focusing on what is essential.

Special Occupational Therapist, London

Did I mention – fun?

One of the things that brings me great joy is hearing from clients that not only did they secure a career move that fulfilled their most heartfelt desires but also that their quality of experience in the workplace (and, as a result, in the rest of their lives) has improved.

Do you remember what made you pursue your career?  Securing the right career move can deepen or bring back the sense of meaning and personal fulfilment you want in your career.  Along the way, working to secure your next career move can be nourishing and fun, too.  What’s more, it’s MUCH easier to be successful when you are having fun whilst making it happen.

Sounds great, but SIX MONTHS?

Yes, six months.

Oftentimes, people put themselves under huge pressure to apply for jobs before they’ve even worked out what they want from their next career move.  What’s more, they pile on even more pressure to get their next job quickly.

In my experience, it takes many clients several months just to get clear about what they want from their next career move and what they have to offer.  Spending time laying firm foundations for your job search or promotion campaign can greatly accelerate your progress when the time comes to take action.  That’s why I wanted to offer this group coaching experience.


Let’s be honest, sometimes six months isn’t enough to get clear on what you want or how to make it happen.

Thankfully, you don’t have to.

You’ll leave the group with increased clarity about what more you need to work on to move forward in your career.  What’s more, in my experience, groups like ours continue to support each other long after our initial programme has finished.

You can make huge progress during the six months we’ll spend together.  And because we’ll be laying firm foundations for your next career move, you’ll continue to learn long after our group coaching experience is over.

Of course, if you want, there will be other ways I can support you after you’ve completed Kick start your next career move.  Still… first things first, right?

This is NOT a 1:1 coaching programme or executive assessment

This programme is not a 1:1 coaching programme (though it does have some 1:1 elements).  Nor is it an executive assessment or leadership development programme. (Though, if you’re interested in any of these, yes, please talk to me.)

This is a group coaching experience.  Group coaching brings a number of benefits which 1:1 programmes don’t have:

  • As the member of a group, you’ll be supported not only by your coach but also by your colleagues. Often, the relationships people build with group members continue to nourish and support them long after the group coaching programme has finished;
  • As well as receiving personal coaching within the group, you’ll learn from your colleagues, observing the coaching they receive in the group. In addition, more people in the room means more knowledge, information, feedback, ideas and contacts.  You’ll benefit from additional perspectives beyond yours… and mine;
  • Group coaching allows you to make comparisons and this, too, can deepen your learning. Understanding your strengths, for example, is about understanding how you are different from other people – what makes you unique.  The more you understand what you do with ease that others find difficult or unappealing, the better equipped you are to understand what you want from your next career move and what you, uniquely, can offer.  Working on your strengths alongside colleagues with different strengths can be an illuminating experience;
  • All this and great value for money, too. I set up the Sunday coaching clinic in Harley Street because I wanted to offer the kind of work I do for organisations at prices that private clients can afford.  What’s more, because I am working with up to four people and because you’ve signed up to a full programme, I can afford to charge less.  You get all these benefits for much less than you would pay for 1:1 private or executive coaching.

Of course, you can only get these benefits if you are available to join this group.  You don’t need to be at every session.  If you find that the odd date doesn’t work for you, you can listen to our recording of the session and check in with us via the group.  Still, please check you can take part in at least six of the eight sessions

Here’s what it looks like:

 Kick start your next career move  What you’ll get
 Is this programme for you?  If you want to ask questions, to talk on the phone or to meet me in person, you can.  I’ll take time with you to help you assess if this programme is right for you – without any obligation to join the group.

 Group coaching.  You’ll get eight two-hour sessions between April and October 2015.

 Psychometric assessment to help you understand what’s really important to you and what strengths you bring to your work.

 One individual coaching session.  This two-hour session is designed to help you understand your psychometric data.  It’s also an opportunity to ask questions in other areas that are important to you.

 Unlimited “laser coaching”.  Throughout the programme, you’ll be able to ask for help between sessions, in the form of short (20-30 minute) telephone coaching sessions as and when you need it.  I’ll be available most Monday afternoons and at other times, too.

 Recordings of each session.  You can download recordings of our group sessions and also of your own individual session.  This means that you can return to our sessions at any time to refresh your learning.  It also means that if you miss a session or two you’ll be able to catch up between sessions.

 Membership of our closed on-line group.  You can ask questions, seek feedback, share your successes and more in the privacy of our closed online group.

 Personal feedback and answers to your questions.  As long as we’re working together, I’ll be there to answer your questions and to give you feedback on your CV or other homeworks.  I’ll be available during our group and 1:1 coaching sessions.  I’ll be a member, with you, of our closed on-line group.  And yes, if you want me to take a look at your CV or job application, I’ll be happy to field a call or e-mail in between for what we coaches call “laser coaching”.

 Exercises and materials to support you.  I’ll be digging deep into my coaching kitbag, sharing examples of what other clients have done and drawing on more than twenty years’ experience to give you the best support I possibly can for the duration of our time together.

Dates for our group coaching sessions…

We’ll be meeting between 10 and 10.30am for a 10.30am start on the dates below.  We will schedule your 1:1 coaching session at a time that’s mutually convenient.  All sessions will take place on a Sunday, from 10.30am to 12.30pm, at my offices in Harley Street.

I’ll be confirming dates for the next group very soon.  If you’re eager to know more, please drop me a line:  my contact e-mails are below.

…and fees for this programme

The total fees for this programme will be £2,083.00 plus VAT (total £2,500.00).  You can make one single up-front payment or pay an initial payment of £500.00 and five monthly payments of £400.00.

If you’re ready to sign up, please contact me to let me know.  I will hold a place for you for up to a week whilst you make your initial payment.  This will be your confirmation that you have everything you need to feel confident you want to join this group.

Oh!  And please note, I am offering a 10% early bird discount if you can commit to joining this group and make your initial down-payment by 27th March, 2015.  It’s not that I want you to rush or make a rash decision.  I don’t.  Instead, I’m offering this discount because, as much as I’d like to receive the full payment for your membership of this group, it also helps me know, as soon as possible, that I have a full team for this group coaching event.

Questions?  Please ask!

Your career matters to you.

Of course it does.

If you work in London your travel to and from work together with your time at work can easily take you fifty hours or more a week.  You want your career to nourish and fulfil you and you want your work to make a difference to others.  If you choose to let me help you, I experience that as a great privilege.

I you think this programme may be what you need but you’re not quite sure, please ask.  I don’t want an unasked question or a concern you haven’t explored to keep you from making the decision, with confidence, about what’s right for you.  I don’t mind if it’s a yes or a no, as long as it’s the right decision – for now – for you.  Please reach out.

Please call me, Dorothy Nesbit, on 0774 789 8450 if you have any questions or want help to decide whether or not this programme is for you.  Or, if you prefer, drop me a line at  Whether you phone or e-mail, I shall be delighted to hear from you and I’ll get back to you with great pleasure, and as soon as I can.

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