How it works

What’s it like to work with Learning for Life Consulting?  Whether I’m working with individuals or organisations, my approach helps leaders to take the hard work out of achieving results, because it’s underpinned by four principles of effective action:

Vision and direction:  If you don’t know where you want to get to, it’s hard to know how to get there. In his article Leadership That Gets Results, Daniel Goleman describes how important it is to give a clear direction if you want to achieve results… with ease.  The same principle applies for you, too:  getting clear about your desired outcomes helps you to create ease and well-being in your personal and professional life.

Compassionate collaboration:  Ever found yourself embroiled in inner conflict?  Or struggling with colleagues and still having to rely on their support?  We’ve found that a compassionate approach fosters collaboration and eases progress.  We help you to bring compassion to your own inner dialogue as well as to your relationships with others.

Noticing what is:  If you’re telling yourself how things “should” be rather than paying attention to how they are, you’re probably struggling.  Letting go of old ideals and taking account of the information at your disposal can help you to step out of frustration, struggle and overwhelm and to identify practical next steps.

Doing what works: Too often, we struggle because we pursue approaches that just don’t work.  We fail to adjust policies and processes in the light of experience.  Or we do things in a certain way because we learnt it from others or because it’s “who we are”.  The more you consciously choose and adapt your approach, the more you can make progress – with ease – towards your goals.

If any one of these elements is missing, your progress slows and your frustration increases.  You know, because you’ve already been there.

But when you bring these four elements together, you increasingly find you’re taking the hard work out of achieving results.

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