Potters for Aleppo – can you help me share this story?

Today I decided to re-write the story connected with my JustGiving.com page.

Please help me share this story with the world:

I wonder if you, like me, have been watching the events unfolding in Syria in recent years in horror and dismay.  Perhaps, like me, you have wanted to contribute and haven’t quite known how.

If you have, I’d like to tell you a story and to ask you to share this story around the world.

It’s a story of a small group of potters who decided to make a contribution.  One of them, Mark Griffiths, put up a pot for auction on Facebook, and others quickly helped him to organise Potters for Aleppo (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1196380770476090/) so other potters could join in.

Even now, more potters are adding some beautiful pieces for an auction that finishes in this group at 00h01 on2 January 2017.

I had my eye on one pot in particular.  At first, I wanted to be able to bid more than the first bid at £275.00 and I asked my friends to help me.  Then, I thought about the recent sale of a pot by Lucie Rie which went for an eye-watering $170,000.00 dollars.

A generous offering by Scotiish potter, Hugh Mactavish
A generous offering by Scottish potter, Hugh Mactavish

What if I could help these potters to raise the equivalent of this $170,000.00 – about £133,900.00?  For this to happen, I needed this story to go round the world.

I’m asking you to help me get this story round the world.

It’s not about the pots, though I totally covet Hugh’s beautiful platter and have done since he first took it out of the kiln.  It’s a work of great craftsmanship and I’d love to welcome it into my home.

It’s not about the potters, though they have acted with extraordinary speed and generosity to organise this auction (along with many friends who are helping to organise and maintain the group) and inspired a sister group Ceramistes pour la Syrie (at https://www.facebook.com/C%C3%A9ramistes-pour-la-Syrie-113397639160946/?fref=ts).


It’s about the men, women and children of Syria, whose lives have been so brutally devastated by the events of the last five years.

These are our brothers.  Our sisters. Our children.

They need our help. They will need our help for some time.

It’s a serious matter but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  Please think about what you can do to help this cause.  Here are just a few suggestions:

*Please take a look at the groups on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1196380770476090/ and https://www.facebook.com/C%C3%A9ramistes-pour-la-Syrie-113397639160946/?fref=ts.  Ogle the pots.  Leave comments.  Make a bid.  Maybe even put something up for auction.

*Please send this story round the world.  Share this post.  Share my link.  Tweet.  Talk to your friends.  Let it be known that this auction is taking place with a deadline of 00h01 on 2nd January 2017 (just after midnight);

*Take inspiration and do your own thing.  Is there a community that you belong to that could do something similar?  It’s pretty addictive so holiday time is good.  Organise and tell the world.

*Leave me a word of encouragement.  Engage.  Even if you choose not to donate, your words matter.

It’s not about the pots.  It’s not about the potters.  It’s about the men, women and children of Syria.

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